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  • So if you know me at all, you know I have a VERY wide range of music taste. I listen to multiple genres all day long. From Christian, to rap, to the Moana soundtrack #kids (but I really do love it though 😂).
Music has a special way to connect us with others and also to ourselves. When we have a bad day, hearing the right song can change all that. Music brings people together in a way that nothing else does.
So, today, I’m driving down the road with my sun roof open, blasting this song by Kendrick Lamar, in my black minivan (a sight to see, I assure you). It got me thinking. Who are you loyal to? Who are you allowing to make decisions for you in your life? Are you doing/not doing things for you or is it for other people?
For so long, I put myself on the back burner. My dreams, passions, and wants. And the worst part is, is that is wasn’t because others discouraged me. It’s because I didn’t believe in myself. I always told myself subconsciously that I wouldn’t finish it, so why even give it a go? Or I’d give it a go and then find myself slowly giving up or finding excuses.
That has changed. Now I actually believe in myself. Believe that just because the past has shown certain things, doesn’t mean that’s the future. I’m being loyal to myself now too. Being loyal to my dreams, passions and goals. Now I’m finally being as loyal to myself as my husband, family and friends have been to me. And I’m so happy. ❤️
  • Thank the Lord for Chipotle. Amen. 🙏🏻 What I got: bowl with white rice (not paleo), chicken, onions/peppers, lettuce, tiny bit of sour cream (not paleo and not something I eat a ton of!) and allllll the guac I can get. 😂
  • Some people are going to see this on their feed and say "What the heck is that!?" 😂
Well, I present to you, today's snack! Smoked oysters in olive oil! Half on Epic pork rinds and half on Simple Mills crackers and all topped off with Cholula hot sauce! Yum!
  • This phrase is so true. And I'm trying hard to focus on my own vibe so I can attract my tribe! ✌🏻
  • Hi Friends! I have quite a few new friends on here and I thought, well, I guess I should probably introduce myself! 😂
So, first things first, I'm Laiken! I run the blog at (which is currently under a major makeover!) and I'm also a current Nutritional Therapy Consultant student and an independent consultant with Beautycounter!
I'm a wife to my husband who is the brilliant mind behind my website design and videos and who saves the day when I can't figure something out! I'm a mommy of two, a boy who is 4 and a girl who is almost 1 1/2!
While most of my time is spent running around with my kiddos and (now) studying, I love having other passions and am so excited for the future in both the blog and Beautycounter!
I am extremely grateful for this IG community and the people that I've built relationships with on here. I love the fact that we can support each other and also feel apart of something! Thank you so much for following my account and I'm so excited to connect you y'all!
I hope you learned a lil' somethin' somethin' about me and I'd love to hear a fun fact or two about you! 😘
I'm tagging a few of my favorites who I met and have connected with on here and I think you'll love them too!
  • So excited for my new Simplified Planner!

With so much going on, this is a MUST. From kids events, to Beautycounter, to Nutritional Therapy homework, to date nights, I HAVE to have this planner.

This planner has been a favorite of mine for a few years and I love the fact that Emily is originally from Pensacola, FL (pretty close to us)! If you're looking for a planner but get overwhelmed by all the belles and whistles other planners have, you have to try this one!
  • Sometimes this big, internet world can feel lonely. But sometimes you connect.

Feeling grateful to have found some amazing women through in the online world that have become real life friends. ❤️ Brianne, that leads The Brightly Business Brunch on FB, is a gem and is so thoughtful. Thank you so much for going out of your way to send me this card. You are too sweet. 😘
  • Today I took a trip down memory lane to a blog post I did one year ago.
It was all about my struggle with anxiety (specifically about fear of dying).
This was my most vulnerable post I've ever done but one that was so necessary to write.
Everything in the post still rings true and is a huge reason why I am pursuing my passion of nutrition.
It's all about balance.
Balancing fitness, nutrition and emotional health.
I don't know that I'll ever be completely immune to anxiety and this fear, but I know for a fact that I can help myself have more good days than "bad"!
Link is in my bio if you want to go read 😊
  • The life of a mom starting Nutritional Therapy Consultant program! 😂
For the next nine months, a lot of my days will look like this. It will become stressful at times, but it will be WELL worth it!
  • It felt so good to focus on cooking a healthy, filling Saturday morning breakfast. Instead of focusing on this horrible Hurricane that we are all still unsure of what it's going to do.
Praying for my friends and ladies I've met through this lovely platform that are in the peninsula of FL. ❤️
  • Excuse the silence from this week. Our minds have been on this monster. Still unsure of where it's headed exactly. Stay away Irma!!
  • Completely surprised by this gift I received in the mail. I was sent this for reaching a goal and it was totally unexpected.
I fall more in love with this company everyday not only because of the products and the mission our company is pushing forward, but because of the women I get to work alongside everyday.
These women are some of the hardest working, big hearted, motivating women I have ever come across. No matter who you choose to work with in this adventure, you're guaranteed a great ride and to meet some incredible friends!

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